Introducing the Simplest Concrete Calculator ever made!

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Hello Readers,

Today I would like to officially announce the Concrete Calculator which is now live on the Website. You can easily open the calculator by clicking the Calculator Image on the Right Sidebar.

Concrete Calculator

Who can use the Concrete Calculator:-

i) House Owners,

ii) Civil Engineers,

iii) Anyone who wants to find out the quantity of Concrete, Cement, Sand & Coarse Aggregate.

What values you can find out using this Calculator?

  • You can find the volume of Concrete Required to fill the area in Cubic meter or Cubic Feet.
  • You can find out the bags of cement required. The best part is the calculator gives the value in Bags (50 Kg Cement Bags).
  • To find out the volume of Coarse & Fine Aggregates.

How to Use the Concrete Calculator?

You need to input the following values:-

  • Length, Breadth & Height
  • No. of Structures
  • Mix of Concrete (i.e. 1:2:4)
  • Click on the Result

That’s it you will all the values in the result.

What is more interesting is You can now actually download the results in PDF format to use it later for purchase or any other use.

Now Head over to Concrete Calculator and Do let me know me the reviews in the Comment Section below.


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